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Your wedding week beauty to-do list!

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Congratulations on your up coming wedding! After months and months of planning you have finally made it to the final week! The ceremony and reception are perfectly planned and ready to go, so now lets focus on YOU!

Before we hop into it, let me introduce myself! My name is Lexi and I am the owner of a beauty boutique and spa called The Beauty Box, a beauty guru, and an advocator for self-care!

You’re at the final week and I’m sure your mind is in 100 different places. So let me make an easy beauty to-do list for you to follow! After all, we need you to feel your best!


1. Skin Care:This is going to be the most important beauty factor to focus on! We want to make sure your skin is glowy and perfect for your special day. To do this, this will take longer than a week. You will want to start a great skin care routine months before your wedding to let your skin adjust and correct itself. BUT for the week of, we want to focus on a couple things:

· Have you ever heard of a Jade Roller? If not I suggest you buy one ASAP! A jade roller is a facial and neck tool made from jade stone to decrease puffiness, under eye circles, fine line, and give you that beautiful glowy skin!

· Face Mask = your new best friend: Sheet mask or mud mask, pick your favorite! A couple things here… Please make sure you are using a clinical grade or an all-natural mask. We want to stay away from ingredients like parabens, synthic colors, Phthalates, & Triclosan. Stick to face masks that aim towards moisturizing, or creating a glowy or dewy skin for the week of! You don’t want to try a detox mask or charcoal mask the week of because it could cause your skin to turn more red or dry. Save that for after the wedding!

2. Lashes:Lashes, Lashes, Lashes! MY ALL TIME FAV! Lashes make you look like a goddess 24/7. I can’t explain how life changing & amazing lash extensions are. The Beauty Box and most other lash studios offer three types of lashes: Classic, Blended / hybrid, and volume. Classic is one lash extension to one lash and volume is around 5 lighter lash extensions per one lash and blended is a mix of both! I suggest getting a full set 2 weeks before the wedding and then get a lash fill a couple days before. This will allow you to change anything or to move up or down a level depending on your liking! My personal favorite is blended!

3. Nails:If you only get one take away from this blog, this is the key! You NEED your nails done! So many pictures will be of your hands, weather it is holding your flowers, your husband’s cheek, or a close up of your ring. I would suggest using more of a neutral color so it doesn’t take away from the purpose of the picture! But if you want to do a fun color, for all means do it! It’s your day, make it fun!

4. Brows:This is a MUST! We need those brows cleaned up & shaped! Let me tell you, if there is a close up picture and you have a unibrow it will show up. No bueno!! The two most common ways to remove brow hair is with waxing and threading. Also, if you are looking to give your brows more color or fullness, you can choose between tinting and brow henna. Brow henna is my personal favorite as it is a plant base solution and it stays on the skin for about 2 weeks and the hairs for up to 6 weeks. Mind bowing, I know!

5. Spray Tans: Lets be honest… a little color and glow on your skin can bring you from girl to GIIRRRLLL! Spray tans can be great if you go to the right person using the right technique & solution. My personal favorite solution is anything that is natural and organic. A couple things to check before booking your appointment: Make sure it is a custom spray tan, not a machine. You will want to check into the businesses previous work to see the color & results, and last but not least ask what solution they use. Natural or organic solution is easier to wipe off your white dress. Your spray tan might wear off on the inside lining or by your underarm area. There are a couple spay tan solutions you can choose from. You can choose a normal solution where you have to wait 6-8 hours to shower or a fast acting solution where you can shower in 2-4 hours depending on the color you want to achieve!

Congrats again and I hope you a lifetime of love & happiness!


The Beauty Box

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