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Threading VS Waxing

Threading is a hair removal technique where we use organic cotton thread to remove the hair precisely one row at a time. Unlike waxing, threading does not remove any skin during the service which leaves the skin less red and irritated. Threading can target individual hairs and reach any hair that has grown above the skin. You can get re-threaded as soon as the hair grows just above the skin, whereas with waxing the hair needs to be at least 2/8” long before it can be removed again. Because each hair is getting pulled from the follicle the hair will start growing back thinner and more sparse. Threading is great for people on RetinA, and Accutane. Threading is dermatologist recommended! 

Five reasons why we love threading over waxing:

1. No Chemicals

2. Great for sensitive skin

3. Hairs grow back slower and lighter

4. Creates a better shape

5. Threading doesn't touch or cause breakdown of collagen

XO The Beauty Box

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