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Lash Extension Information | Your Top Questions Answered

Ladies, can I first start out by saying lashes changes lives! I will elaborate later I just wanted to make that clear from the beginning. And no, I am not being dramatic! Eye Lash Extensions have become extremely popular in the last 3 years, but it isn’t always easy to find lash extension information.

I say this because over the last year I’ve been getting a lot of questions about lashes! Anybody who is paying for a new service should be able to get plenty of information on the topic before scheduling an appointment. I want to make that as easy as possible for any of my new clients! So, here are the top 5 questions and answers I’ve received this year:

What are Lash Extensions: Lash Extensions are my personal favorite service to get. if I am on a budget, I will always put all other services aside to make sure I can get my lashes filled. Here is why: You get out of bed, you look good. You get out of the pool, you look good. Running late and no time for makeup, well your lashes still look good! MY POINT IS YOU LOOK LIKE A GODDESS 24/7!! And on top of that, you don’t need to use mascara anymore! One thing I hate is after a long day, the annoying mascara will start flaking in your eye… and then to make matters even worse, before bed you have to sit there and scrub on your eyes to take the stuff off! I hate mascara…  am I right?! 

Okay, back to the question: Lash extensions are a synthetic eyelash that we adhere one-by-one to your real individual lash to give your lashes a longer, fuller look. We use synthetic lashes instead of real hair because it holds its curl. Ok, next! 

What Styles do we offer: We have three main styles to choose from and then after that, we will customize the style to your lashes and what you want! The first style is Classic. Classic is a ratio of 1:1 one extension to one real lash. This style is the most “natural” look, it will just lengthen your real lashes and give you a wispy look. This is a great option for people who have a lot of real lashes or just want a little something. 

The next style is Volume! Volume is a ratio of 5:1. We hand-make all our volume fans. We will NEVER use pre-made fans... EVER! So, volume lashes will be a cluster of  2-5 lighter weight lashes adhered to one real lash in the shape of a fan. This look is great for people who want a full dramatic look or for someone who doesn’t have many real lashes.  

We will never use premade fans for a few reasons. One, it is already bonded at the base so when we go to dip the fan in the adhesive you now have two layers of “glue” and it will get heavy. The heavier the lash the faster it will fall off or break the real lash and obviously that’s no beuno. The second reason is for the overall look. Premade fans are boxier at the base, which means this will just sit on top of the lash. When we handmake our fans, the base is more of a point and because it isn’t already bonded, the fan will wrap around the top of the lash to give it more or a natural look. This also makes it easier to brush your lashes, pre-made fans will get suck on the brush and will pull off or even worse, pull the real lash out. Also, no beuno. 

OKAY, Last but not least is Blended. Blended is my personal favorite. This is a mix of both classic and volume. This style gives you more lashes then what you started with, a fuller look, but isn’t super dramatic or “fake” looking. For blended we will do 1 fan, 2 classic lashes, 1 fan, 2 classic lashes, so on and so forth! Now that we got that settled, NEXT!! 

Will they damage my real Lashes: I will make this super straight forward…If you have a lash artist that doesn’t take their time or know what they are doing then yes. If they are adhering one extension to more than one real lash this will cause breakage or your eye to become irritated.  BUT if you have someone who is educated, takes their time, uses the right length and weight of extensions, uses the best products, keeps the area and tools clean and sanitized (AKA The Beauty Box), then NO it will not damage your real lashes! Oh, and I just have to mention this… For the love of god DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO LASH EXTENTIONS ON YOURSELF!!!! It will not work, even if you think you did a good job, you didn’t. There is no possible way you can isolate every lash with your eyes open. You just need to trust me and don’t do it, okay? Okay!

How do I take care of them: This is an easy one! After you get your full set, we want to make sure you don’t get them wet for 24 hours. I will want you to brush your lashes out multiple times a day. This is what will keep them looking nice and keep them from tangling. You will need to wash your lashes just like you wash your hair or anything else on your body. To do this you will want to use a lash cleanser or a cleanser that doesn’t have oil. DO NOT use any oil products near your lashes… it will un-bond the glue and they will fall off. I repeat, they WILL FALL OFF! Anyways, To wash your lashes, just bring the cleanser in the shower with you. I get my lashes wet and I use my fingers to massage the cleansers on the top, bottom, and base of the lashes. Wash for a few seconds and rinse! Voila, you’re done! Lashes are supposed to make your life easier, not harder. 

How long do they last: The lash extensions will fall out when your real lashes fall out. Don’t be alarmed, this is normal. Lashes go through a shedding cycle just like every other hair on your body, replacing themselves as they move through the growth cycle. There are 3 stages to the lash cycle: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. You will lose about 5 lashes a day. With this being said, this is why you come in to get lash fills!  Lash fills take place every 2-3 weeks depending on the person. The way we do fills is very straight forward. We book out a certain amount of time for the fill. If you come in with 2 lashes or 200 (that’s being dramatic but you get the point) we will spend the designated amount of time on your fill. 

Thanks for reading this “blog”! We hope you got all the lash extension information you need before making the decision (a great one) to get a set of lashes. Contact us if you have any other lash questions! 


The Beauty Box 

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