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Does the word "tattoo" scare you?

I came to realize the word "tattoo" tends to scare people... especially when they think about it on their face, so let me explain! Technically microblading is a form of a tattoo but there are many difference between microblading and a regular tattoo; let me list a few.The first difference is a regular tattoo uses ink when microblading uses pigment. Ink is a permanent solution when pigment lightens and fades out over time. The second main difference is with a regular tattoo, the artist will use a mechanical tattoo gun that has a bar that moves up and down with a grouping of needles that pushed the pigment into the dermis of the skin. With microblading, the artist uses a hand held tool that has tiny needles at an slant. The artist will make little hair like stokes in the epidermis of the skin using this tool then placing the pigment in the stroke. Because the pigment is placed in the epidermis ( the orange part on the picture) your body will naturally break down & push the pigment out over time. Microblading is SEMI-permanate for these two reasons: Your body breaks down the pigment and the pigment fades away.

I hope that clears things up! If you have more questions or concerns, please message us

XO The Beauty Box

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